Experience The Charm

Quaint Charm of Shakespeare

Shakespeare is an important component of Ontario's regional cultural tourism experience, and for many it is their first impression of what the region has on offer. Shakespeare is the Gateway to rural Perth County tourism, as well as the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, among other festivals and attractions.  Shakespeare continues to serve as the Gateway to unique rural Ontario cultural expectations. 

Shakespeare is renown for it's picturesque rural hamlet heritage, and the pedestrian friendly heritage shopping district. This district begins at the Perth County Visitors Center, and continues through the Shakespeare core culminating in the west end local foods specialty shops. Within these boundaries lies some of the most unique shopping, informal yet authentic dining and unique boutique European accommodation available in the province.  

The abundance of the best of rural Ontario's locally produced foods available in our shops, and produced minutes away in our charming local rural communities that are ready and waiting to be explored, provides a sense of place, peace and tranquility that customers can find no-where else. The system of producing foods is as important as the foods themselves, and the pride of place in our local foods served and sold in our local shops is not lost on our returning customers.  

The most common phrase first uttered by drive-by customers that choose to stop is "I didn't realize such  a wonderful small-town Hamlet like this still existed".  Certainly, the antiques and unique gift shops are a central draw of their own, with world travelers coming to Shakespeare just to shop in these shops, and to simply lose themselves in the collections of yesteryear among objects once familiar to them but that were long forgotten. Everyone can find that special something to bring them back to yesteryear, and to remind them to return to Shakespeare once again.  It is this that is what Shakespeare really is. Come and enjoy.  We trust you will find:

Ø Rural Ambiance

§  Experience rural Ontario at it's best

§  Rich Ag heritage

§  Local Menonite communities

§  Pastoral Countryside

§  Charming rural communities

§  Locally produced and available foods

§  Pride of Place

§  Rural Hamlet with a rich heritage

Ø Stratford Shakespeare Festival experience

§  Shakespeare Festival Country Gateway

§  Important reason for coming to Stratford

Ø Shakespeare Highlights for Tourists

§  Picturesque Rural hamlet

§  Enchanting Built Heritage

§  Ontario Antiques center

§  Quaint shops, Unique gifts

§  Small town ambiance

§  Walking Shopping Heritage

§  Stop and Browse spontaneous shopping