Shakespeare's Alive-the Hub of the Southwest

Shakespeare of Yesteryear

Shakespeare of Old

   Shakespeare is the centrally located hub and business and tourism destination for Southwest Ontario, now as it has been for over a century. The Hamlet of Shakespeare is, with modern transportation-within a short drive of everything that's happening in the Southwest of Ontario. In just 20 minutes in any direction from Shakespeare you can be somewhere!! (A bit longer in a buggy!!

From the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in our backyard-a short 5 minutes away, and just 20 minutes to St Jacobs Farmers 

Shakespeare SW Ontario Tourism Hub

  Markets - or the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest - or Woodstock business centers - or Bright-Walter's Family Dinner Theatre - or St Mary's baseball- or a few minutes more to the shoreline--we are in the heart of the action.  

   Your stay in Shakespeare will be your first and most lasting impression as you take in all our delightful region has to offer